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ECOPAY Connect 2020, a network for Natural Capital

The project promotes the conservation of the Natural Capital through the experimentation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in Eastern Lombardy, enhancing the ecological connection of the inland water system Garda-Mino-Oglio.

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Huong Son Nature

Huong Son Nature is the first Vietnamese forest regeneration project that fight climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty through activities of forest protection, trees planting and development of market for wild forest products. The project originated from the results of the UN GEF (Global Environmental Facility) funded ForCES project powered by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

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Promoting the production of legal timber

The DURAFOR-EST project protects the Congo basin forests promoting the trade of legally harvested timber and facilitating investments in the protection of the wildest forests of the country. Legality, good forest management, small businesses, good governance, innovation and market opportunities are among the challenges and issues we face with.

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