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Sheep-up, ovine biodiversity in Veneto Region

  • 2019 2021
  • Sheep-up, ovine biodiversity in Veneto Region
  • Local development
  • Italy
  • Veneto Region
  • Centro Consorzi
    Fea De Lamon
    Az. Agricola Giopp Ruggero
    Associazione di Promozione e Tutela della Pecora Brogna
    Comune di Foza
    Università di Padova, Dip. TESAF
    Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo-UNISG
    Unione Montana Alpago
    Comune di Lamon
    Az. Agricola Dal Molin Guglielmo

The “Sheep-up” project aims to define an innovative model for the integrated economic enhancement of the rearing of native sheep breeds in marginal mountain areas (Valbelluna, Lessinia and the Altopiano di Asiago), aiming at the creation of added economic value for farmers.

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An economic opportunity for Farmers & Territory

Communications Strategy Thailand’s REDD+ Programme

  • 2019 2020

This project “Development of a Communication Strategy and Assessing Information and Media Products for Thailand’s REDD+ Programme” support the Department of National Parks of the Royal Thai Government (RTG) in developing its REDD+ Strategy so that it is technically sound and environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as in compliance with World Bank safeguards policies.

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Reducing Emissions from Deforestation


  • 2018

Etifor team proposed and won two different POR-FESR calls and thanks to the contribution of the Veneto Region, the ECOSTAR project was able to involve more than 15,000 users, online and offline, creating new opportunities inside and outside our region.

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New innovative routes for the acceleration and transformation of business in the multifunctional centre of Agripolis, financed by the Veneto Region.

Incredible Horizon 2020

  • 2016 2020
  • Incredible Horizon 2020
  • Responsible management
  • TunisiaFinlandGreeceFranceCroatiaItalySpainPortugalBelgium
  • European Commission

The European H2020 project INCREDIBLE, boost the promotion and innovation of NWFPs in the Mediterranean through the development and animation of a multi-actor network of networks in order to increase knowledge flows contribute to business discovery, social innovation and the co-design of locally adapted innovative value chains. Etifor works mainly in problem solving and scaling-up through cross-sector fertilization.

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Innovative markets and supply chains for NWFPs

Huong Son Nature

  • 2018

Huong Son Nature is the first Vietnamese forest regeneration project that fight climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty through activities of forest protection, trees planting and development of market for wild forest products. The project originated from the results of the UN GEF (Global Environmental Facility) funded ForCES project powered by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

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Vietnam, land of opportunities

Alpine Ecosystem Services: mapping, maintenance, management

  • 2015 2018

Etifor participates in AlpES, a project designed for supporting the valorisation of alpine ecosystems, by carrying our participatory activities in the territory of the Alto Bellunese. The activities, carried out on behalf of the Veneto Region and in collaboration with the LAG Alto Bellunese and the University of Padova, aim at finding innovative management approaches of forest lands, through new products and services, including tourism and recreational activities.

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The AlpES project aims to provide tools for supporting management of the Alpine space and its ecosystems

Territorial tourism as a resource

  • 2016 2018

The Etifor team has realized the marketing and tourism development plan for IPA Diapason Pedemontana del Grappa e Asolano which, through participatory planning, aims at enhancing the image of the territory by selecting excellence, that can represent it at national and international level, organizing the coordinated promotion and marketing systems of the touristic offering and increasing the profitability of the touristic and food&wine sectors.

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From Asolo to Monte Grappa, we release the energy of the land to develop sustainable tourism prospects that enhance nature and culture