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Green4C Green for care

The project aims at increasing Europe’s innovation capacity among universities and businesses to promote green and natural approaches to health and social care

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LENSES Project

The Nexus approach stems from the realization that water, energy, agriculture and natural ecosystems exhibit strong interlinkages, and that under a traditional sectoral approach, attempting to achieve resource security independently often endangers sustainability and security in one or more of the other sectors.

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REXUS Project

REXUS is an innovative and experimental project that, through a multitude of approaches, aims to improve the understanding of the Nexus interactions between Water, Energy, Food and Climate (WEFC) as a framework for resource security and sustainable development.

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Uforest project

The project aims at promoting Europe’s innovation capacity among universities, cities and businesses to deliver a new approach to Urban Forestry.

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Consultancy for the analysis and evaluation of the LIFE project impacts. The project aims to the promote e-learning experiences and capacity building in support to the Natura 2000 management.

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The project aims to measure air pollution within and outside urban and periurban forests in order to assess their efficacy as a mitigation measure.

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LIFE Brenta 2030

LIFE Brenta 2030, a project funded by the LIFE Nature and Biodiversity Programme of the European Union, aims to promote good governance and innovative funding mechanisms for the conservation of biodiversity and water resources in the Middle-Brenta area.

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The project GreenChainSAW4LIFE  aims at managing local forest in a innovative, sustainable and shared way, for fighting climatic and enviromental risk such as fire, hydrogeological instability, and loss biodiversity and using/use the wood obtained to producer green energy and biomaterials for benefit of the economy local and nature by implementing an integrated local plan for climate, energy and bioeconomy in the Po, Bronda, and Infernotto Valleys.

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The project “COmpetitive REpositioning of WOOD sector” (acronym CORE-WOOD), developed in the context of the Regional Innovative Network “Foresta Oro Veneto”, aims to propose organizational and technological solutions to help reposition, at a competitive level, the entire wood industry in Veneto.

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ECOPAY Connect 2020, a network for Natural Capital

The project promotes the conservation of the Natural Capital through the experimentation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in Eastern Lombardy, enhancing the ecological connection of the inland water system Garda-Mino-Oglio.

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Incredible Horizon 2020

The European H2020 project INCREDIBLE, boost the promotion and innovation of NWFPs in the Mediterranean through the development and animation of a multi-actor network of networks in order to increase knowledge flows contribute to business discovery, social innovation and the co-design of locally adapted innovative value chains. Etifor works mainly in problem solving and scaling-up through cross-sector fertilization.

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SINCERE Horizon 2020

The SINCERE project brings together politics, science and action to generate positive impact on forests and related benefits. Etifor is responsible for one of the Innovative Actions that will be developed to increase the value of the natural capital of forests.

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The project aims to improve the quality of the tourist destination in the areas between northeastern Italy and Austria. The GoToNATURE team will develop tourism products that enhance lesser-known natural and cultural resources by involving local citizens.

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Alpine Ecosystem Services: mapping, maintenance, management

Etifor participates in AlpES, a project designed for supporting the valorisation of alpine ecosystems, by carrying our participatory activities in the territory of the Alto Bellunese. The activities, carried out on behalf of the Veneto Region and in collaboration with the LAG Alto Bellunese and the University of Padova, aim at finding innovative management approaches of forest lands, through new products and services, including tourism and recreational activities.

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Promoting innovative start-ups that invest in nature

ECOSTAR is a hub and accelerator that, through networking and training activities, links together the academic and business worlds, and promotes the founding and acceleration of new entrepreneurial initiatives, which aim at having a positive impact on the environment and society. The initiative is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, and by private investors.

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