EU Market Outlooks on Green Care

  • 2021

Our team worked on four EU Market Outlooks, one for each Green4C’s project thematic sectors: Forest-based care; Urban green care; Social agriculture; and Green care tourism. The market outlooks investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main Green Care markets. The different outlooks are separate and will be published on the reference page at different times.


Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

EU Blueprint on Green Care

  • 2021

Find out more by reading this Green4C publication about EU Blueprint on Green Care: Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion.

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Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

Forest and Wellbeing

  • 2020
  • Forest and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable investments
  • 2020
  • I. Doimo; M. Masiero; P. Gatto

This review gives an overview of existing literature on the emerging topic of human wellbeing-forest. Read the whole abstract.


Bridging Medical and Forest Research for Effective Forest-Based Initiatives

SIMRA’s final Policy Brief How can Policy help bring about Social Innovation in Rural Areas?

  • 2020

Enhancing outdoor recreation and biodiversity through payments for ecosystem services

  • 2018

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