Uforest – Training needs’ assessment and stakeholder analysis

  • 2021

Our team worked on the “Uforest Training Needs’ Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis” report. It provides an overview of the existing demand on training needs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in urban forestry and Nature Based Solutions (NBS).


Urban forests represent an innovative solution, but there are still few specific training opportunity on this subject.

How can National Forest Funds catalyse the provision of ecosystem services

  • 2021

National Forest Funds (NFFs) are a significant source of funding for the forestry sector. In this paper, we analysed three NFF case studies (Costa Rica, Morocco, and Vietnam) in order to assess, with operational examples, if and to what extent NFFs already operate on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) or PES-like mechanisms.


National forest funds and Payments for Ecosystem Services in Costa Rica, Morocco and Vietnam.

Sustainable climate investments 2020

  • 2020

The handbook, by ItaSIF with inputs coming from a working group, analyzes the crucial role of sustainable finance in view of achieving climate targets.

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The “Sustainable climate investments” handbook analyzes the crucial role of sustainable finance in view of achieving climate targets, both in terms of integrating sustainability considerations into investment choices, and in financing mitigation and adaptation solutions. Within the handbook, Etifor developed chapter 5.1 related to agriculture and forests. The first part of the chapter

What does the future hold for poplar cultivation?

  • 2018

Impact Investing: Finance to Support the Socio-Environmental Impact

  • 2017

Market Outlooks: Watershed Investments

  • 2017

The "STATE OF EUROPEAN MARKETS 2017 - Watershed Investments" is a market outlook realized by Ecosystem Marketplace, Etifor and the University of Padova during ECOSTAR | NATURAL TALENTS an Erasmus+Knowledge Alliances project.

Gaining Depth: State of Watershed Investment 2014

  • 2014

Developed jointly with Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace, this report analyses government and business investments in clean water initiatives on an international scale: $ 12.3 billion invested in 2013, bringing benefits to more than 7 million households and 365 million hectares of land.

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