Demonstrating Ecosystem Services Impacts FSC International (FSC-GUI-30-006)

  • 2018

Enhancing outdoor recreation and biodiversity through payments for ecosystem services

  • 2018

Forest Management Auditing Certification of Forest Products and Services

  • 2018

Forest managers, auditors and project developers require a new range of skills: this book, co-editing by Etifor, outlines the market-based tools that are required by such professionals to ensure corporate social responsibility in the forestry sector.

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It is difficult to find products or services in the market that are not defined as sustainable. But what makes a product or a service really sustainable? A good reference standard and a serious and independent system of control (audit). Lucio Brotto (Etifor Srl) and Davide Pettenella (University of Padova) as editors, and the rest

Quantifying Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade

  • 2016

Design, implementation and management of Permanent Polycyclic Tree farms

  • 2016

The first national and international handbook developed within the InBioWood project, which brings together the activities needed to realize this "new way" of producing wood outside the forest, in one logical structure.

Planted forests in emerging economies

  • 2015

A study that identifies, describes and analyzes the Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI) tools for forest plantations, recommending a framework for assessing investments in terms of environmental, social and governance impacts.

Development of Forest Biomass Management Plans

  • 2014

The "Development of Forest Biomass Management Plans. Setting up of Integrated Strategies for the Development of Renewable Energies" report is part of  the WP4 (Axis I) of the European Project called Proforbiomed. These plans will be developed as technical guidelines with different approaches and solutions offered in order to make them transferable and applicable in the

Development of a System of Traceability of the Forest Biomass

  • 2014

"Development of a System of Traceability of the Forest Biomass. Setting up of Integrated Strategies for the Development of Renewable Energies" is a report of Proforbiomed Project - Pilot Action 1.5. The pubblication summarizes the development of protocol-setting principles and technical requirements for the traceability of forestry biomass along the entire supply chain, i.e. from the supply of

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